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The Council of Chief Negotiators was established as an integral part of the Metropolitan Detroit Bureau of School Studies, Inc. for the purpose of providing services to member school districts in the area of collective negotiations and related personnel matters.  The Council has a responsibility to bring a professional level of administrative attention to negotiations and personnel matters, at both the local and state levels, through the sharing of information, ideas, problems and solutions.

The Council shall provide member districts with current information necessary for successful collective bargaining, personnel planning, and budgeting.  Salary and benefit data shall be provided for teachers, administrators, and non-certified bargaining groups and an analysis of current contract information shall be provided.

The Council shall be a major source of information about trends in negotiations and personnel practices, and shall conduct major professional conferences and forums as special needs are recognized.

In conclusion, it shall be the intent of the Council of Chief Negotiators to provide member districts with information of value and to work on specific problems that relate to collective negotiations and personnel.   Committees shall be used to seek solutions to such problems. 

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