Metro Bureau Group Services, Inc.

An Energy Consortium


We are pleased to announce that Metro Bureau Group Services, Inc. has partnered with Siemens Industry Inc. for natural gas and electricity procurement services.  Read More


Metro Bureau Group Services, Inc. is an energy consortium formed by the Metropolitan Detroit Bureau of School Studies, Inc., to assist school districts, ISDs, community colleges and universities in saving significant sums of money on utility costs. The energy consortium uses the aggregate purchasing power of its membership to dramatically reduce the costs of gas and electricity for these institutions. It is typically not cost effective for individual institutions to become involved in complex negotiations with utility companies. Metro Bureau Group Services is uniquely suited for such action. The current natural gas contracts and purchasing arrangements, implemented by the Consortium, have already saved our members hundreds of thousands of dollars on their gas and electricity bills. 

The main objective of the Metro Bureau Group Services, Inc. is to save members money by improving their bargaining power and business position. The consortium provides a level playing field when dealing with third-party gas or electricity suppliers, local utilities and regulatory agencies. The consortium selects a third-party gas supplier from among many who have responded to a Request For Proposal. Contract terms contain a covenant under which the supplier guarantees that gas costs to members will be less than prices to individual educational institutions. 


Benefits of Joining



When using Metro Bureau purchase agreements, additional buildings may be included for participation in the direct purchase program, resulting in even greater savings.


Metro Bureau Group Services is in a position to intervene in administrative proceedings before the Public Service Commission for the purpose of representing the interests of its members. The regulatory process is frequently considered to be too costly for individual members. The consortium’s participation allows its members to have a voice in these important proceedings at an affordable cost.


Based on actual results, our experience shows that the savings to members will be substantial and much greater than energy savings provided by other consortiums.


Metro Bureau Group Services is extremely well positioned to participate in electricity decontrol. Our analysts estimate that a 20 percent savings in electricity costs is possible.  

Clearly the greater the number of institutions which opt to join Metro Bureau Group Services, the lower the cost will be to each member. All members will benefit 100 percent from the services, making the group arrangement extremely cost effective.  Savings resulting from membership in the consortium cannot be matched through individual negotiation. We believe that no other consortium can equal our savings and services.


Advantages of Metro Bureau Group Services


WE’RE YOUR STRONGEST ADVOCATE– Metro Bureau Group Services sits on the same side of the table as the schools. We have done the homework for school districts by preparing RFP’s, sending those RFP’s to prospective suppliers and evaluating responses for those RFP’s.  All contracts and agreements  related to energy matters are negotiated by the Metro Bureau’s energy attorney.

KEEPING OUR PENCILS SHARP: Experienced school people are in charge– Consortium members have the benefit of active program involvement by competent, proven school advocates. The MBGS Oversight Board meets several times each year to review market conditions and pricing trends. The Board includes the Metro Bureau Executive Director, our energy atttorney and three Superintendents who represent our energy consortium customers.

BACK-UP SUPPLY PROTECTION – Our contracts optimize the protection for schools. For example, the electricity contract has a specific back up provision under which our retailer’s supplier, the wholesaler, has agreed that, even in the unlikely event of a default by our retailer, the wholesaler will cause the electricity to be supplied to member school districts at the contract price for the duration of the contract term.

GUARANTEED PRICE BELOW UTILITY PRICE – The contract price will never exceed the regulated electric utility’s price.

OPPORTUNITY TO BENEFIT FROM FUTURE PRICE DROPS – If the price in the market drops, the supplier, upon a district’s request, is required to extend the contract and provide the district with a weighted average cost for the remainder of the existing contract term and the extended period.

BEATS NON-MEMBER PRICES – Members must be given a price that is at least 5% lower than that offered to an individual non-member school district.