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How To Whitelist The Metro Bureau

Sometimes our emails don't go through as well as we would like. As K12 systems have improved security over the years, safety has increased. Though this is a good thing, one downside is the difficulty of email campaigns to make it to your inbox. Nobody wants that to happen. 

When this happens to our emails, you don't receive an email for an event, payment, or otherwise important information from us. To allow our emails to make it to you, you must "whitelist" the Metro Bureau's domain. It sounds complicated, but it is simple to do. 

Below are simple steps to follow for Gmail and Microsoft Outlook providers.

How to Whitelist an Email in Gmail

If you’re using Gmail as your email provider, it’s easy to set things up so that a given sender is whitelisted for all future communications. The Gmail whitelist process can be done quickly through the web client:

  1. Click the settings button (in the top-right corner of the screen), then select “Settings” from the resulting drop-down menu.

  2. Navigate to the tab labeled “Filtered and Blocked Addresses” to access information about your existing filters.

  3. Select “Create a new filter” and enter the emails or domains you want to whitelist.


To whitelist a single email address, for example, type the entire address. On the other hand, if you’re trying to whitelist every sender from a certain domain, type the domain alone, such as “”. This will tell Gmail to approve every message from a Yahoo sender.

  1. Click “Create filter” to approve the new filter, then mark “Never send to Spam” to whitelist every email within the filter. You can also choose to Star these emails, apply a given label, or mark them as important.

How to Whitelist an Email in Outlook

Whitelisting a domain or specific email address in is just as easy and works by adding the address or domain in question to a group called “safe senders”. An address that has been added to safe senders will be pushed to your inbox regardless of your spam filters. To add an address or domain to safe senders:

  1. Click on “Settings”, then “View all Outlook settings”.

  2. Go to “Junk email”, then choose “Safe senders and domains” or “Safe mailing lists” to select the domain or email you want to whitelist.

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