Metro Bureau Subsidiaries


The Metro Bureau provides a two-pronged approach to support the management of financial resources that addresses purchasing and consumption. While the most valuable (and expensive) resources for schools are the human resources; a substantial portion of every school budget goes toward energy and insurance. Metro Bureau Group Services and Metro Bureau Services, our subsidiary entities, provide special consortium pricing for the purchase of natural gas, electricity, health and life insurance at very competitive prices. Our business partners provide ongoing expertise to support the efficient consumption of energy and health care benefits.

A striking change during the 69 years of operation of the Bureau has been the shift in the core business of public schools.  We used to be in the business of teaching. Now, we are in the business of learning. This shift has made it mandatory for boards of education and superintendents to plan ahead for changing needs. The Bureau has been a major source of information and support for our members as they meet the needs of their communities.  

For the 2016– 2017, school year the membership of the Bureau consisted of seventy-three education organizations including 64 public school districts, four Intermediate school districts, three community colleges and two universities.