Metro Bureau Services

Management and Leadership Development
  • Workshops and high-impact seminars for central office and building level leaders
  • School Board workshops
  • Assist Boards of Education with Superintendent search process
Collective Bargaining
  • Backup support to management for successful collective bargaining 
  • Benchmark surveys, essential data, personnel and benefit planning and bargaining assistance
  • Council of Chief Negotiators, an elected body of human resource and personnel administrators representing all negotiators within the Metro Bureau
Curriculum / Instruction
  • Council of Academic Leadership provides a strong forum for the sharing of instructional programs and practices among school districts.
  • A research vehicle for the purposes of investigating new educational ideas and strategies
  • Identification of needed in-service activities not currently provided
  • Coordination of the Metro Bureau’s annual scholarship awards for students of member districts
  • Access to detailed information on critical topics
  • Student enrollment trend data
  • Job posting notices provided to the entire membership  
Employee Benefits and Risk Management
  • Metro Bureau business partnerships provide our members with expertise and advice for:
    -Health, Dental and Vision Insurance.
    -Financial and Retirement Planning
    -Property and Casualty Insurance
    -Workers' Compensation Benefits
  • Affordable Care Act compliance, PA 106, and PA 152 advice and assistance.
Natural Gas and Electricity
  • Metro Bureau Energy Consortium provides lower cost energy that guarantees supply and assures that no district will pay unauthorized energy usage penalties    
  • Full energy analysis provided to each member district upon request