Metro Bureau Staff

Carl Weiss, the Metro Bureau’s Executive Director, is the former Superintendent of Romulus Community Schools.  In addition to his district responsibilities, Carl served as President of the Wayne County School Superintendents Association, President of Middle Cities Education Association and Secretary-Treasurer for the Tri-County Alliance for Public Education.  Prior to becoming a Superintendent, Carl served as Deputy Superintendent over both Curriculum and Human Resources.

Gregory J. Baracy, Associate Director, retired from the Wayne-Westland Community Schools after serving as its superintendent for 17 years.  In addition to his district responsibilities, Greg served as President of the Metro Bureau and President of the Middle Cities Education Association.  Prior to becoming superintendent, Greg served as a high school teacher, assistant principal, principal, director and assistant superintendent for administrative services.

Nancy J. Campbell, Consultant, is the former Superintendent of Romeo Community Schools.  Before becoming a superintendent, Nancy was the Deputy Superintendent in the Berkley School District and had responsibility for curriculum and instruction.  Nancy was also a middle school principal in The Lamphere Schools and a high school English teacher and district-wide reading consultant, including Title I, II and III, in the Avondale School District. 

Sue. C. Carnell, Consultant, served as Superintendent of Westwood Community School District for eight years.  Sue also worked as Deputy Superintendent of Detroit Public Schools and worked as a Director for the Michigan Department of Education.  Sue has experience in both city and state government relations and served as President for both MASA and Middle Cities Education Association.   

Deborah Berger, Research Specialist, has in-depth experience in resolving client-related concerns.  She specializes in responding to the extensive and detailed requests for research data of Metro Bureau clients.

Patricia Denson, Administrative Assistant, has served Metro Bureau constituents since 1984.  She has extensive experience in the structuring of data as well as in complex computer technologies.