Doug Pretty and Tony Marasco

About Us

Who We Are

The Metropolitan Detroit Bureau of School Studies, Inc., established in 1946, is a non-profit voluntary organization of public school systems, community colleges and universities and business partners in Southeastern Michigan. 

The governing body of the Metro Bureau is the Board of Directors, composed of chief administrators from a representative group of 63 member organizations.  The Board of Directors is charged with oversight of the general business of the Bureau including the appointment of an Executive Director who serves as the chief executive officer of the Metro Bureau and President of the Metro Bureau Services and Metro Bureau School Services subsidiaries. Four board members are elected to serve two year terms as officers. The duties of the officers are those implied by the titles of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Much of the Bureau’s work is carried out through the flexible committee structures of the Council of Chief Negotiators (CCN) and the Council of Academic Leadership (CAL). These two working committees have led to a wide range of activities with increasing interest in the interaction between the study of curriculum and instructional leadership with the field of human resources. The Metro Bureau conducts major professional seminars that are well-attended by Bureau members and school leaders from other parts of Michigan.

Our Mission

The mission of the Bureau is to support its members through the professional development of human resources and preservation of financial resources.  We focus on developing the leadership skills needed to improve student learning and embrace the strength provided by diversity. The Bureau works to create additional financial resources with cost-effective and efficient practices (e.g., consortium energy and insurance purchasing arrangements) and by providing accurate data for negotiations and operations of member organizations. We do this by sharing information, resources and ideas in seeking solutions to common problems of our members.

Our Business: The Human and Financial Resources

Efficient management of human and physical resources can be challenging for local school districts. This is especially true now when many schools no longer can afford the staff necessary to effectively manage operations.

Metro Bureau Seminars that showcase innovative practices for the management of human capital are provided for school personnel throughout the school year. These seminars are facilitated by local professionals with both expertise and real world experience in managing human and financial resources. School leaders attend these seminars either in person or via simulcast.

Studies of importance to superintendents, boards of education and school and university leaders are conducted and published regularly for use by member organizations. These studies are frequently related to enrollment, operating budgets, costs per pupil, and compensation. Any member may request a study or access date from previous research.