Metro Bureau Services, Inc.

An Insurance Consortium


Through its subsidiary, Metro Bureau Services, Inc., (MBS) the Metro Bureau makes high-quality, low-cost insurance coverage available to public school districts.

Metro Bureau Services, Inc., is a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Detroit Bureau of School Studies, Inc. that provides insurance products and consulting services designed for the education industry as well as the advance planning the Affordable Care Act requires.  With the most comprehensive services available, Metro Bureau Services can better control costs, plan for future benefit needs, and provide the needed services to explain change to employees.

Metro Bureau members have the advantage of the measurable savings found in the cooperative process of purchasing employee benefits as well as access to the consulting services provided by our partner, D.R.M. Stakor & Associates, Inc.  The StakorGroup has Metro Bureau specific services such as the Rate Generator and The Estimator.  The Generator allows for quick determination of the appropriateness of rate increases, rates needed immediately for negotiations, and general assistance in determining the cash flow of Health Care plans.  The Estimator provides a quick and easy determination of the latest Affordable Care Act fees and penalties.

Designing plans for the education employers requires careful attention to detail.  Unlike other industry benefits, education employers need unique benefit designs that also create savings to meet already tight budgets. 

Using financially safe carriers and administrators, Metro Bureau Services plans are based on single employer claim payments.  No employer funds are used to lower any other employer’s premiums.  You are assured of savings for your district and not accruing funds to an Association. 

Plans include:

  • Group Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • Short and Long Term Disability Coverage
  • Voluntary Benefits to Offset Higher Deductibles and Co Insurance
  • Affordable Care Act Approved Health Care Plan Designs
  • Consumer Driven Healthcare Plan Alternatives

FSA – Flexible Spending Account

HRA – Healthcare Reimbursement Account

HSA – Health Savings Account 

  • Health Maintenance Organization [HMO], Preferred Provider
  • Organization [PPO], Private Exchanges, and numerous other alternatives
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Dental Care Coverage
  • Vision and Hearing Care Coverage

The Patient Protection Affordable Care Act [PPACA] has changed almost everything an employer knows about employee benefits.  With mandates for coverage, mandatory dates for compliance, and coverage for employees without current coverage, the law requires reviews of current benefits, planning for change, and studies to determine penalties and fees. Through D.R.M. Stakor & Associates, Inc., Metro Bureau Services offers a number of no cost services including Affordable Care Act testing for compliance, fee, and penalty testing.  These are necessary tests and can provide valuable direction for compliance.  Additional services include:

  • Frequent Newsletters and Alerts regarding the changes and mandates of the Affordable Care Act as well as State of Michigan.
  • Actuarial Services to keep plan costs within expected limits and to identify both irregularities and costly trends.
  • As the Michigan Law requires the mandatory bidding of coverage, a complete and accurate source of Public Employers Health Benefit Act  (PA 106) information, models, and reporting are available.
  • Federally Facilitated Marketplace agents and brokers are needed to transition to the expected changes with Marketplace offerings. The StakorGroup Associates are fully licensed and trained to explore these alternatives.