MetroBureau Online
Management Development Services

The Bureau provides quality workshops and seminars on timely subjects at a minimum cost.

Speakers and program leaders are national, regional and local specialists who are experts on matters of interest to school managers and instructional leaders.

The Bureau's Council of Chief Negotiators (comprised of school district labor/employee relations and human resource personnel) works to identify workshop topics to keep you up-to-date. Typically these seminars focus on the law and its application by educators. Recent workshops and seminars have dealt with:

  • Trends in Bargaining
  • Legal Updates
  • School Code changes
  • Privatization of services
  • Staff development
  • Designing employee benefit programs
  • School violence and student discipline
  • Sexual harassment
  • Financing capital improvement
  • Early retirement incentive programs
  • The politics of education in Michigan
  • Finding teachers of the future