MetroBureau Online
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Our district is a Metro Bureau member, is there an additional cost to conduct a survey for our district?

A: No. Survey requests are a membership service.

Q: How do I initiate a survey?

A: To initiate a survey, simply fax or e-mail your request. Once we get the request with the questions you want information on, we will distribute your questions to our membership by fax or online. The responses will be sent to you within 24 hours. If you are not sure how to word your request, please call our office and we will be happy to assist you in drafting your questions. Fax or e-mail your request to Debbie Berger at 313-577-8278 or

Q: Who can be a member?

A: Membership is open to all public school districts, universities and community colleges. Bureau membership is not available to private schools, universities, colleges, union or labor associations.

Q: How can my school district become a member?

A: Contact Pat Denson at to request a membership packet.