Metro Bureau Business Partners

The Metropolitan Detroit Bureau of School Studies pursues relationships with organizations that work with public school systems in a variety of capacities.  Our belief is that through our business partnerships, the Metro Bureau can enhance the expertise that we provide to our member school districts.  Our business partners continue to support public education through their continued generosity and by providing the highest level of service to our members.

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Contact Person:
Martin Wilke
Account Executive – Energy Services
Phone:  248-614-3439




Contact Person:
Gary Collins and William Blaha
Phone:  248-406-1140


Contact Person:
George Butler, III, Member
Phone:  313-223-3134

Contact Person:
Chadd Hodkinson, Area Vice President

Phone:  248-430-2807


M3 Logos as of August 014
Contact Person:
Michael J. Pesendorfer, CRC®, President
Robert W. Bernhardt, CRC®, Manager
Phone:  248-543-3400



Contact: Person:
Deborah McCarthy, Business Development Director
Phone:  248-427-8400

 Papet & Associates-Today's Benefits Forward

Contact Person:
Nancy Papet, President
Larry Westley





Contact Person:
Dan DiBardino, Partner
Phone:  248-540-0160


Contact Person:
Kelly Thomas,
Senior Account Executive
Phone: 734-233-4391



Contact Person:
Angie McKee, Business Development Director
Phone:  248-288-6300